Board of Commissioners

Port St Mary Commissioners are an elected Board of seven members, each of whom hold office for a period of 4 years after which time elections are held for all members. There was an election on 22nd July 2021 but as there were only 5 nominations the nominees were all elected unopposed.


Carol Bernadette Williams MBE

Elected Chair in 2021
Also representative for  Southern Sheltered Housing Joint Board and Southern Authorities Health Care Trust Committee  

Home Address: Beachcliffe, Primrose Terrace, Port St Mary, IM9 5AP

Occupation: Retired

About: Port St Mary born and bred, Chairman of the Royal British Legion Port St Mary Branch, some of you may know her from her many years   as Port St Mary’s Standard Bearer – and the UK’s National Standard Bearer – for the Royal British Legion Women’s Section; others may recognize her as the first female Sword Bearer for the Tynwald Sword of State, a position she held for 25 years before retiring in 2021.                                                                   

Declaration of Interests: Joint Owner Beachcliffe, Primrose Terrace, Port St Mary, IM9 5AP


Laurence Vaughan-Williams

Home Address: 1 The Cottages, Arragon Mooar, Old Castletown Road, Santon, IM4 1HB (pending renovation of a property in Port St Mary)

About: Elected in October 2017. Served as Chairman from March to May 2018. Hobbies include walking Winston the Basset, angling, 1960 Alvis, flying Tiger Moth aircraft, Port St Mary concert party
Occupation: Advocate and Barrister at Law
Declaration of Interests: To be confirmed


Norman McGregor Edwards

Home Address: 2 Fistard Grove, Port St Mary IM9 5HT
Elected in August 2018
 Occupation: Retired. Committee member and volunteer at the Manx Aviation and Military Museum
Declaration of Interests: Director of “Care in Mann” and volunteer driver. Committee member and volunteer at the Manx Aviation and Millitary Museum


Rebecca Gelling


Home Address: 1 Carnane View, Ballakilley, Rushen IM9 5NR

About: To be confirmed 

Occupation: Business Woman.

Declaration of InterestsManaging Director of Manxonia LTD,  Manxonia house, Overcliffe, which is now combined. being renovated into Kellas. Beach House, All owned by Manxonia LTD of which she is a Director , Family owned company.  Member of Port St Business Association.


Robert Callum O’Meara


Home Address: Monaville, Fistard Road, Port St Mary, IM9 5PE

About:     To be confirmed 

Occupation: Bartender

                              Declaration of Interests: Parents own a public house in the Village. 1 Athol St, Port St Mary, Isle of Man IM9 5DS