Port St Mary Broadband Survey

From time to time I read comments about poor broadband performance (not WiFi!) in Port St Mary. On behalf of the Board of Commissioners I’m conducting a survey to find out if there are problems and, if so, see what they are and what can be done to improve the service. I’d therefore be very grateful if you could let me know what YOUR broadband service is like – good or bad – by emailing me at n.mcgregoredwards@portstmary.gov.im.

In particular, it would be very helpful if you could let me know
1.The street in which you live – this is so that I can identify any areas of the village with specific problems. I do NOT need your address or name.
2.Is your broadband service good or not good?
3.If it is not good, what problems you are experiencing (for example- slow speed, interruptions in the service, it takes AGES to load and open)?
4.If you know them, what broadband speed you are supposed to be getting and what you are actually getting?
5.Who provides your broadband service?
6.Any other comments you want to make.

All the information provided will be aggregated and individual replies will then be deleted. The survey will close on Sun 3 March and as soon as possible, I’ll prepare a report for submission to the Board. I’ll also publish the findings on this FaceBook page. Thank you in advance for any information you provide.

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  • Peter Carlé

    The Promenade. Broadband supplied by manx.net.
    Most of the time the broadband service is reasonable but not fast.
    The broadband is slow around 09.00 hrs and at around 13.00 hrs and around 17.00 – 18.00 hrs.
    This means that banking and filling in any complicated online document is best done outside those times.
    The manx.net email service is particularly poor around those times.
    I have often asked the supplier about the poor service.
    Officially there is a complete denial or simply no answers given to my complaints.
    Unofficially, I have been told by the customer service workers to avoid those times because that is when the service is busy – and the server becomes overloaded.
    Last year manx.net suddenly (out of the blue) sent me an apology and a refund of £10.00 for poor service. Previously they had ignored a series of complaints I lodged about the failure of manx.net email service. I do not know what speed we should be getting or what we normally get. We pay a mid range fee for domestic service.

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