Things to do

Port St Mary is the perfect base for many types of holidays or days out.

With it’s deep water harbour, boat trips are readily available for fishing trips or a trip round to the Calf of Man. Beginners and experienced divers can also experience the fantastic marine life off the coastline.

There is a good section of the Raad ny Foillan (Coastal Footpath) which passes through Port St Mary, passed the Chasms, dropping down to the Sound. The Sound Cafe provides a welcome stop off point for light refreshments before heading on round to Port Erin. Bus & rail links between the two Ports provides a link back to the starting point or a path to home.

Wildlife is never far away in Port St Mary, with a number of marine animals, birds and smaller creatures always close by. Free to use binoculars are available at Kallow Point along with wildlife boards highlighting what you may see.

The Port St Mary Heritage Trail will soon be launched which will guide walkers around the village providing a detailed view of the Port’s history.

Tennis courts are available at Kallow Point Road.

Many surfers head down to Kallow Point and Brewery Beach when the waves are right.

Kayaking from Port St Mary is very popular heading round Perwick Bay to Sugarloaf and the Sound.

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