Port St Mary Dog Byelaws

Consultationv2The Port St Mary Dog Byelaws expire 24th April 2017.  A consultation is being issued seeking views on the application of the present Byelaws and on the public’s view as to any amendments thereto.

The Byelaws impose controls on dogs and places responsibilities on dog owners in certain parts of Port St Mary.

Dogs are prohibited from certain open spaces and beaches and dogs may not be at large in the open spaces and beaches described in Schedules 1 and 2 to the Byelaws. Dog faeces must also be removed from any highway to which the public has access, including back lanes, footpaths, pavements and grass verges, within the district. This is described in Schedule 3 to the Byelaws.

A system of fixed-penalty fines were introduced in the 2007 legislation, but no fine has been successfully levied.

The consultation seeks views on whether the areas which Dogs are prohibited from should be amended. These are presently:-

  • The tennis courts, Kallow Point Road:
  • The Children’s playground, Clifton Road North:
  • Those areas of Port St Mary Golf Links as delineated by a thick black line on the plan annexed to these Byelaws (but excluding the un-adopted track across golf course between Clifton Road North and Clifton Road South and the Public rights of ways within the boundaries of the golf course;
  • The whole of Chapel Beach (Between the 1st May and the 30th September and between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00) as marked on the accompanying plan:

A copy of the proposed byelaw  is available in draft form here: 2017 Draft Byelaw

You can make your voice heard as follows:

  1. Complete the online survey by pasting this url into your browser:


2. Download a survey form by following this link:


3. Email your contribution to: consultations@portstmary.gov.im

4. Write to Port St Mary Commissioners, The Town Hall, The Promenade, Port St Mary IM9 5DA

All responses are required by 17 00 on Monday 6th March 2017.

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