Mona’s Queen Anchor Memorial Dedication

Port St Mary Commissioners will be hosting the dedication of the Mona’s Queen III Anchor Memorial at Kallow Point on Tuesday 29th May, marking the 72nd anniversary of her loss off Dunkirk during Operation Dynamo.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company vessel Mona’s Queen III, was lost on 29th May 1940 after striking a magnetic mine and sinking with the loss of 24 members of crew, 17 of whom were from the Isle of Man. Her sister ships Fenella and King Orry were also lost during the same operation with the loss of further 20 members of crew.

Following the efforts of the late Captain Andrew Douglas and subsequently Captain Hamish Ross, the starboard anchor was raised from the seabed off Dunkirk to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Mona’s Queen III’s loss. The anchor was then shipped back to the birthplace of Mona’s Queen III, Cammell Laird in Birkenhead, to be treated before its return to the Isle of Man on 31st October last year. The dedication on 29th May will see the anchor come to its final resting place at Kallow Point, Port St Mary.

Chair of Port St Mary Commissioners, Mrs Bernadette McCabe commented, “The design of the memorial has been a very detailed exercise during which we have taken great care and consideration to include valued input from many parties. Key features of the design will see the anchor supported in its resting place upon a piece of stone reclaimed from the ledges at Kallow Point, and orientated such that the anchor is pointing directly towards Dunkirk. A nautical compass and local stones beneath the anchor provide a real sense of the anchor “coming home”. We are really pleased with the memorial and feel that it is very fitting memory for those brave souls involved in Operation Dynamo. The location is absolutely ideal as a place to come and reflect.”

Mrs McCabe went on to add, “Port St Mary Commissioners and friends have endeavoured to extend invitations to everyone of family descent whose life was touched by the loss of the Mona’s Queen III, and Operation Dynamo in general. Unfortunately complete records of the people involved have become thinned out and most are included from friends’ memory.  If any descendants have been overlooked, it was not intended, so if they would like to attend the dedication, please either contact Port St Mary Commissioners office or turn up and make yourself known. You will be welcome.”

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