The Board of Port St Mary Commissioners announced today that the rate
charged to ratepayers in the village will remain at 306p in the pound for the
coming year. At it’s meeting last night the Board of Commissioners agreed that
the rate would remain unchanged for the 4th consecutive year.
Significant new responsibilities that have been devolved from the Department of
Infrastructure have been taken on in the past year and further may be placed on
the local authorities in the year ahead. Street cleaning, gulley emptying, and the
maintenance of hedges have been integrated into their workload paid for largely
from efficiency gains.
Chairman of the Commissioners, Mrs Bernadette McCabe said, “We are very
pleased to be able to announce that, despite an increasing workload, there will
be no increase in the rates levied in the coming year. We have worked hard to
reduce our costs throughout this year and it is gratifying that this has allowed us
to hold the rate at 306p. The Board, together with our hard working staff shall
continue to maintain our village at the highest standard possible without placing
extra costs onto our residents.
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